Who are We?

Qualified Coach Supervisors  - located internationally.

We are working in the UK, Ireland, Italy, Slovenia, Portugal, Czechia and South Africa.

We are offering Coach Supervision in English, Italian, German and Czech.

Why a site like this?

We are committed to the professional standards which enable our industry to thrive.

We wish to play our part in supporting and developing coaches, at all stages of competency, as they continue to learn and grow.

We feel that our comprehensive resources offer a Coach a bespoke experience.

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What can you find?

  • Qualified coach supervisors for you to select.

Each Supervisor will agree independent and mutually arranged terms with you the Coach. Connect with your preferred Supervisor, Mentor or Trainer via their specific contact link[s].

  • A Continuing Professional Development framework to monitor and enhance your best practice, me:mycoachâ„¢

me:mycoachâ„¢ and CCEUs

me:mycoachâ„¢ is offering a way of intelligently reflecting on your performance in a coaching conversation. We are in the process of application for CCEs, (Continuing Coach Education Units) with International Coach Federation.



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