Insights from a Supervisor’s chair… by Lesley Cave 18th June 2018

Insights from a Supervisor's chair… by Lesley Cave 18th June 2018

Often coaches considering Supervision ask what will I get from this investment? Here with the kind permission of one of my coaches is an extract and insight into Supervision.

Context: This coach client had received a present from a friend. The present is a sculpture called ‘Harry Hare’. Our work arose from a discussion about where Harry Hare was to live in my client's house and the fact that he was being tried out in different locations… ‘Shuffle-bottoming and fidgeting’

Supervisor to Coach: Shuffle-bottoming and fidgeting; what does it mean to you?

Coach to Supervisor: Like all good Geminis it has two sides to it for me…

Side one, it makes me smile as there is a mischievous, playful, creative and energetic element to it. This is a side I really like and enjoy. I think Hector from Hector's House and Paddington Bear are good representations of this for me and I sincerely hope this comes through in my life and coaching. I recognise Shuffle-bottoming and fidgeting may not be the best way for this all to show through in my coaching of clients. There’s another something to ponder. I’d like to do some more work on this in our supervision.

Side two, I think it seeks to unmask some of my underlying anxieties. I can relate to this side going back quite some way, definitely to senior school and maybe even infant school. Interestingly, the book ‘Quiet’ by Susan Cain spoke of some of my anxieties, so there’s a link to my introversion. I think there is also something else sitting in there around harm, which I don’t get, but probably need to explore at some stage somehow. This feels like more work for me and my coach to do.

The complete paradox to this is my strife, currently, for stillness, peace and quiet. All this from discussing Harry Hare – amazing!

What could you learn from Supervision?

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